Window Design Trends For 2018

| 12 February 2018

Trends come and go and they can be quite hard to keep up with. If you are a homeowner, it seems that every year there is something new people are doing surrounding the topic of home improvement. It might not seem like they are changing as much as, say, sofa trends, but windows come and go just like anything else. Sometimes certain styles, materials and designs are more popular than others. Below are some of the window design trends of 2018.

2018 Window Designs

Custom Windows

One of the major trends of the year is going to be the prevalence of custom windows. Gone are the days of having to choose from a short list of a few conventional window styles. Most window and door companies realize that the future is all about customization and they are evolving to meet their customers’ needs, which means providing them with an ability to build the windows they want.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows have been the norm for new homes for some time now and isn’t showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. Energy efficient windows are desired not only because they help cut down on your heating bill, but because they also help you minimize your carbon footprint. Today’s modern homeowners understand that every little decision either hurts or helps the environment and in a bid to both save money, and do well by the environment, old, out-of-date non energy efficient windows are being replaced and upgraded.

Bronze-clad Wooden Windows

2017 saw an explosion of coloured vinyl windows and 2018 is set to see those upstaged by bronze-clad wooden windows. This is part of the aforementioned customization trend as homeowners look for novel ways to add flair and curb appeal by opting for stylish accents.

Clean Lines

Clean lines and squared-off edges are going to be in vogue this year. Shaped and accent windows which started to rise in popularity in 2016 and 2017 are still going to be popular, but the most noticeable trend this year is going to be the presence of rectangular and highly symmetrical windows.

If you are wondering what homeowners are doing this year with their windows and want to make sure your house is up to date and, more importantly, can compete on that competitive resale market, keep in mind the above window trends for 2018 to make your house really stand out.

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