Are Wooden Windows Worth The Investment?

| 31 October 2016

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) has become the go-to material for most modern windows and doorframes. This is especially obvious in new buildings and subdivisions where the most cost-effective and homogeneous-looking materials are used to create a standardized look and feel while also maintaining style and modernity.

Wooden Windows Not Worth The Investment

However, many homeowners are choosing to install wooden windows without first doing their research on the pros and cons. Although there are some benefits to wooden windows, they typically come with a higher price tag and have some drawbacks compared to synthetics.

Keep the below information in mind before installing wooden windows in your home:

High cost: Wooden window frames cost much more than synthetic frames. In order to have a quality wooden window, you would need to invest in the highest quality wood, making your budget much higher – often two to three times as much. Synthetic materials are both cost-effective and long-lasting.

Vulnerable to insects and mold: Wooden windows are attractive to insects like termites, beetles and carpenter ants, all of which can cause extensive damage to your home. As well, your windows can become victim to mold or fungi as a result of moisture buildup. To prevent bug infestation or mold, you’ll need to invest time and money in regularly maintaining your windows.

Maintenance: Wooden windows can become warped, swollen, scratched, stained and splintered over time. Wood is a natural, organic product making it vulnerable to moisture and the elements, such as wind, rain and humidity, for example. This means these windows cannot stand up to wear and tear like synthetic materials, especially if your home is near open water. As well, you’ll need to sand and repaint your windows every two to three years to prevent rotting. However, keep in mind that excessive moisture will cause paint to easily chip.

Protection: Another disadvantage of wood is it’s inability to properly protect your home. Wood is highly flammable, further aggravating an emergency situation if it were to occur. As well, wooden windows offer limited protection against storms. To keep your home, family and possessions safe, stick to synthetic materials.

Energy efficiency: Wood is just as efficient as synthetic frames without the hassle. The newest cellular vinyl material on the market doesn’t absorb moisture or require maintenance. As well, both insulated and hollow core synthetic frames offer a long lifespan and prevent energy loss through your windows. Lastly, wooden windows are much more difficult to insulate.

If you are in the process of purchasing new windows or are thinking about replacing your existing uPVC windows, keep the above information in mind before investing in wooden windows. Synthetic window materials offer energy efficiency and are easy to maintain while being a lower cost than wood.

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