Custom Steel / Fibreglass Garden Doors Installation

Open inward or outward on hinges

Look out of your existing garden doors. What do you see? Hopefully, your eyes are gazing upon a beautiful backyard. Now closely examine your garden doors. Is the glass scratched or stained? Are the handles tarnished? Do you wish you could get new custom doors that better match with the rest of your home? When it comes to custom garden doors, there are many companies that offer that product. How do you know which garden door installation company to choose? Always choose Landmark Home Design because our fibreglass or steel garden doors are built to last. When we say we offer custom garden doors, we mean it. We value our customers and want them to get the custom garden doors they’ve always wanted.

Fibreglass or steel garden doors for your home

In order to provide our customers with doors that can stand up to the elements and last for years to come, we use fibreglass or steel. Our fibreglass or steel garden doors are the perfect addition to any home because they provide the best protection against all weather types. Even in the winter when you may not be using your backyard, you can rest assured that our fibreglass or steel garden doors aren’t taking a beating from the elements. Snow, rain, sleet, and even the sun are no match for our doors. Our products are durable, energy efficient, and can be customized to your specifications.

Are garden doors the same as French doors?

When it comes to backyard doors, the difference is not between garden doors and French doors (they’re the same) but between patio doors and garden doors. Garden doors open outward, while patio doors slide on a track. Both types of doors, however, are usually found at the back of a property to allow access to the backyard or garden. Patio doors are generally used when there is little space in the exterior for a door to swing outward when opened. Finally, garden doors have two operable doors (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to swing outward), whereas patio doors have one sliding door and one fixed door.

Energy-efficient garden doors

Energy-efficient garden doors from Landmark Home Design lock heat in when it’s cold and keep it out when it’s warm. Because the winter can bring below-zero temperatures and the summer comes with 30+ degrees celsius on any given day, our products are able to stand up to all weather without your home losing energy. Energy loss can occur through any door or window in the home, but you can rest assured that with our energy-efficient garden doors, energy loss won’t be an issue. Our energy-efficient doors are designed to allow natural light to penetrate the room so you don’t have to use additional light sources to illuminate the space during the day. Natural light can also keep the room warm in the winter, and you’ll be able to keep your heating bills lower during the colder months.

Custom garden doors

At Landmark Home Design, you can get the exact garden doors you want. We offer custom garden doors that are made to suit your tastes. Our custom garden doors are constructed like traditional French doors, with heavy-duty ball bearing hinges to allow for easy operation, but you can customize them as you see fit. Likewise, we have the ability to colour-match your custom garden doors so that they pair well with the exterior and interior of your home.

Garden door installation

Once we’ve created your custom garden doors, we will install them for you. Our custom garden door services allow us to do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. Our garden door installation team will work quickly without sacrificing the quality of their work to ensure that the new doors are installed before you know it. Besides the timely manner in which our garden door installation team completes the job, they will also clean up after themselves and ensure that the area is left spotless.

Garden door replacement services

Over time garden doors can deteriorate, especially if they’re not made by Landmark Home Design. If you haven’t replaced your garden doors since you moved into your home, please take advantage of our garden door replacement services. Replacing old garden doors with custom, energy-efficient doors is a great way to upgrade your home and contribute to its value. To boot, our garden door replacement services let you add value to your home without breaking the bank.

New door installation and replacement in your area

We service Southern Ontario and provide door installation and replacement everywhere from Lindsay to Windsor to Owen Sound. Our door installation services have taken us to homes in Ottawa, Colborne, and Belleville and as far as Niagara Falls. Whether you live in Kingston, Hamilton, or Prince Edward County, Landmark Home Design will install or replace your old garden doors with gorgeous new ones.

Main Features

  • Traditional French door styling
  • Energy efficient
  • Premium steel or fiberglass options
  • Quality manufactured and installed
  • Heavy duty ball-bearing hinges for easy use
  • Variety of options and accessories
  • Available in multiple configurations to fit virtually any size requirement


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