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As a homeowner, you care about your property. You want every aspect, from the backyard to the front door, to be perfect. You’ve upgraded your entry door and your windows, but is that enough? Most people neglect their patios when thinking about home renovations or ways to increase their property’s equity. However, a great way to add value to your home is with custom sliding patio doors. Whether you have existing ones that are in dire need of patio door replacement or have just moved into your home and require patio door installation, Landmark Home Design is here to help.

Building and renovation doors for any project

Any building or renovation project benefits from patio doors. Our building and renovation doors are available to fit any size requirements and are engineered with a heavy duty 5-5/8” frame depth. These dimensions, coupled with a sill drainage system, are the perfect addition to any new home construction or home renovation. Our patio doors come with an array of accessories and options, allowing them to be customized to fit your building and renovation project. We also provide patio door installation services so you don’t have to undertake this task yourself. You’ve already got a lot on your plate with the building and renovation project; let us take this the patio door installation off your hands so you can focus on the rest of the work.

What is the difference between a patio door and a garden door?

Although patio doors and garden doors may seem like they’re the same, they are in fact different. Their similarities lie in their function but not their form. Both are placed at the back of a house to lead to the backyard, but patio doors slide on tracks, whereas garden doors open outwards. Also, patio doors consist of two doors and a screen where one door is fixed and the other operable. When it comes to garden doors, both doors are operable, but they do not have a screen. Garden doors are sometimes referred to as French doors.

Energy-efficient patio doors

One of the main benefits of our patio doors is their energy efficiency. Our energy-efficient patio doors are designed to keep heat in during the winter and keep it out in the summer. There is also a screen mechanism to keep bugs out so you can leave the door open and let air in whenever you please. Furthermore, our energy-efficient patio doors let in ample natural light, allowing you to enjoy an illuminated room that doesn’t require additional light sources during the day. Even on days when it’s overcast, you may not even need to turn on a lamp, saving you money on your energy bills. You’ll be pleased to know that our patio doors are Energy Star rated, making them the right choice for your home and your wallet.

Custom sliding patio doors

Not all patio doors are created equal. Some take up too much space, while others don’t let in enough light. Our patio doors can be customized to suit the space available and are energy efficient. We manufacture our custom sliding patio doors to your specifications, and they slide on their track from left to right. This ensures that they take up the least amount of floor space and provide you with an unobstructed view of your backyard.

Patio door installation services

We offer patio door installation services to our customers so they don’t have to lift a finger. Some companies only manufacture patio doors, but at Landmark Home Design, we are a full-service business. Our trained patio door installation team will complete the installation quickly yet carefully and clean up once they’re done. Any debris that has accumulated during the install will be removed, and you’ll be left to enjoy your beautiful new energy-efficient patio doors.

Patio door replacement

Your old patio doors have probably seen their share of wear and tear. Our patio door replacement services ensure that you get brand new energy-efficient doors that will look as good as your backyard. At Landmark Home Design, our goal is to provide our customers with patio door replacement services that are second to none. If your patio doors came with your home and haven’t been updated since you moved in, it’s time to replace them.

New door services across Southern Ontario

Our patio door installation services are available across Southern Ontario. Our reach extends from Belleville all the way to Hamilton, and we’ve provided patio door replacement to homes in Windsor and Owen Sound as well. We do not limit our service areas and can visit your home in Ottawa and anywhere in Prince Edward County. No matter if you live in Kingston, Niagara Falls, or Colborne, Landmark Home Design’s new door services are available, giving you the chance to get gorgeous patio doors to match your home.

Main Features

  • Our doors have been designed to offer you the highest level of quality, comfort and durability
  • Our patio doors are engineered with a heavy duty 5-5/8” frame depth and sloped sill drainage system.
  • We offer a variety of different sash platforms which are all energy efficient. Our trained professionals can help pick the right package for you.
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • We offer a variety of options and accessories
  • Available in multiple configurations to fit virtually any size requirement
  • Only available Installed

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