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The Energy Star rating is a voluntary program launched by the US EPA that has used as an international standard for energy efficient consumer products- All standards that Landmark surpasses!

Windows aren’t just important to see the world outside of your home; it’s essential in keeping the temperature you want out, out, and keeping the temperature you want in, in!

Sunlight is composed of radiant heat, visible light, and UV rays, each of which is filtered differently through standard insulated windows sold by other companies. Heat passes through from the warmer side to the cooler side at 55%, so in the summer, less heat comes from the outside in and in the winter, less heat leaves from the warm indoors to the outside. UV light, which can damage objects left in the sun for too long, is filtered out at 41% while 81% of visible light from the sun is filtered through the window.

Landmark makes three types of window panes, each allowing different levels of heat pass through. All three lines of glass allow 72% of visible light and 21% of UV light to pass through, which lets homeowners enjoy a sunny day indoors safely. The Power Source level stops 56% of heat from transferring, compared to the 45% that standard glass lets in as discussed above. Cashback and Power Max prevents 87% of heat transfer and 98% of heat transfer respectively.

At each level, you’ll see a noticeable change in your energy bill from less energy spent heating or cooling a room.

Energy efficient windows are effective in the summer and winter, but shades or overhangs from outside the window at the top will also help to block additional sunlight from entering the room.

Our patio and garden doors offer the bonus feature of placing your choice of shades or blinds between the panes of glass so that everything is neatly tucked away when not in use!

If you’re interested in conserving energy in your Ottawa home, call Landmark Home Solutions today and make your house a little greener for the years to come!


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