First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers
As a first time buyer, we can appreciate that buying new windows can be daunting. Did you know there are over 1,000 window suppliers in Canada alone to choose from? Below, we highlight how to know if you need new windows and really understating the difference between warranties.

How do I know if I need new windows?

Replacing your windows is an investment and a major home renovation, and judging when it’s time for your windows to be replaced can be a tricky proposition. If your home is older than 10-15 years, or your experiencing on-going issues with your windows, it’s probably time to start evaluating them. To help you throughout the replacement process, we put together a few tips and solutions to determine if it’s time to change your windows.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself when considering replacing your windows:

  • Are your Energy Bills high?
    If you find that your heating and cooling costs are high, it’s likely that you have some household issues such as inefficient windows and doors. Did you know 67% of radiant heat is lost through your homes weakest point- WINDOWS! 10% of energy lost is through doors and 23% through the roof and walls.
  • Do you feel drafts in your home?
    This is often the result of wear over time, for example, wood windows can become warped from moisture and this can make the window too tight to operate properly.
  • Are your old windows an annoyance, difficult to open and close?
    Are you tired of tending and caring for your windows? Is everybody in your home able to open and shut the windows with ease? Does your window have broken hardware such as handles and locks? These are just some things to consider.
  • Does your home seem to let in outside noise?
    Whether you live near an airport, or in a loud neighborhood, noise can be an ongoing concern. Replacing your windows can reduce the noise transmission. This may be a major issue for homeowners with small children, and replacing your windows and doors can significantly reduce the noise.
  • Are your windows hard to clean?
    There have been numerous improvements over the years in window technology; some of these improvements have given consumers a more convenient way to clean their windows. For instance, double-hung windows use to be cleaned from the outside, now Landmark’s windows feature a unique tilt-in sash design, which allows the exterior glass to be cleaned from inside the home by tilting the sash inward for easy access.
  • Do your windows have lots of condensation or leak?
    Try reducing some activities that may cause moisture such as humidifiers, cooking (boiling water), air conditioning etc. and see if that reduces some of the condensation. If you still experience puddles of water and leftover condensation you may want to take a closer look at replacing your windows and doors.
  • You’re losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer?
    Inefficient windows and doors can leak, letting water into your home from the front and behind the walls, which is a known cause of mold and mildew. Old, inefficient windows and doors often leak air, resulting in high energy costs during the summer and winter months. It is also possible that the glass may have loosened the seal between the sash and frame which can result in a seal failure.

Understanding warranties:

When it comes to choosing a company to replace your windows and doors there are several things to consider; here are some simple questions regarding warranties every homeowner should ask:

  • How long will my warranty cover my windows?
  • How many years is “lifetime”? Most companies’ say, “a lifetime,” which is a very unclear statement. Does “lifetime” mean the lifetime of the window, the lifetime of your home, or the lifetime of how long you live in the home?
  • Is the replacement window company backing the warranty or is the window manufacturer backing the warranty?With Landmark there is NO MIDDLE MAN! With Landmark’s lifetime warranty it is built to protect the customer not the factory.
  • If a warranty issue does occur, is your window warranty pro-rated?
  • Is there a cost for me to service the window if a warranty issue does occur?
  • If you sell your home, is the warranty transferable? With Landmark our warranty is 100% transferable to the next homeowners for the lifetime of the home.
  • If the glass “accidentally” breaks on your window, is this covered by the warranty? “Accidentally” acts of god, ball through the window, have them clarify what is considered “accidentally”
  • If a window/door screen tears, does the warranty include a replacement screen?
  • Is window hardware covered under the warranty? Knobs, screen, night latch, locks etc. (very important to note this before purchase)

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