Custom Vinyl Windows

Your home is where you live. It’s where you raise your family. It’s where you sit and relax on cold winter afternoons, nestled under your bay window, wrapped in a blanket, reading your favourite book and sipping tea. It’s where you cook in your brightly lit kitchen, opening the window to let the smell of a freshly baked pie escape into the neighbourhood. It’s where your bedroom is, with the fixed window that gives you a perfect look at the landscape below. Your home is beautiful, and it could be even more so with custom windows created by Landmark Home Design.

Why choose custom vinyl windows?

Custom vinyl windows offer an alternative to traditional wood windows because they are a superior product. Wood windows can rot and require constant maintenance. The vinyl material we use at Landmark Home Design creates a window that will not deteriorate over time. Furthermore, the sash and frame corners of vinyl windows are airtight as soon as they are welded together. Wood, on the other hand, cannot be airtight since the corners are mechanically joined. With vinyl windows there is no threat of mildew or moisture buildup, and mould cannot form on them. Cleaning vinyl windows is a breeze, and they come with more colour options than their wooden counterparts.

Custom window warranty for all our customers

Your custom windows are designed to last the lifetime of your home. We have a window warranty in place to make sure you’re covered for any unforeseen event or natural disaster that damages your custom vinyl windows. Our promise to our customers is that, starting with installation, everything we do is covered in the window warranty. There is no fine print, and the warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell the property.

Energy-efficient custom windows

Many people assume that energy loss occurs through our front doors. Unfortunately, that is not true. 67% of radiant heat is lost through our windows. Because of this fact, we provide our customers with energy-efficient windows that lock in heat in the winter and keep it out in the summer. Additionally, as mentioned above in the warranty section, our windows are designed to last the lifetime of your home. They are durable, easy to maintain and provide an airtight lock when closed and air circulation for the perfect ventilation system in the warmer months.

Southern Ontario’s custom window installation company

Landmark Home Design offers custom window installation across Southern Ontario. Our service areas range from Belleville to Kingston to Ottawa to Niagara Falls. We are not limited by geography and have installed custom windows in Owen Sound, Hamilton, and Colborne. We understand that whether you live in Prince Edward County, Windsor, or Lindsay, you deserve custom vinyl windows. Moreover, our certified AAMA trainer ensures that each installation runs smoothly, and we remove all debris that results from the project. It’s important to us to leave our customers with perfect windows every time without creating a distraction or interruption to their day. Although each job is different, our installations generally take no longer than one day.

Our custom window offerings

Each of our custom window offerings are made-to-measure. Below you’ll find at chart detailing our custom window selection to give you a better idea of how you can get the windows you’ve always wanted.

Hinge Windows and Crank Windows These windows are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom or anywhere you require better air circulation. With a crank or hinge, these windows open easily and are also ideal for smaller rooms.
Slider Windows These windows are space savers because they slide on a track to open and close. Slider windows that open sideways are great for hard to reach areas.
Single Hung Windows These windows contain a moveable panel called a sash that allows them to open. Single hung windows can open inward or outward depending on the space available.
Double Hung Windows Double hung windows are almost identical to their single hung counterparts, except they have two operable sashes.
Vertical Windows Vertical hung windows are single or double hung windows that lie in their casement vertically. To open a vertical hung window, simply lift upwards and pull it downwards to close it.
Bay Windows This type of window projects outward from the wall. Bay windows are perfect for alcoves, living rooms, dining rooms, and areas with ample space. Bay windows are usually composed of three separate windows.
Bow Windows A bow window is a bay window that is curved and is made up of more than three separate windows.
Fixed Windows These are picture windows that do not open but provide natural light in any room. Fixed windows are perfect for hallways where letting light in is a necessity.

Upgrade your home with custom window replacement

Adding new energy-efficient windows to your home provides the perfect upgrade. Your home is your biggest asset, and through custom window replacement you can easily increase the equity of your property. Plus, you get gorgeous new custom windows that match your style and tastes. Our custom windows are made-to-measure, and we have the ability to colour-match to ensure you get the exact shade you want. Landmark’s custom vinyl windows are stylish, easy to maintain, and cut to fit the first time. We also offer entry, patio, and garden doors through our custom door installation team.

No matter if you’re looking to replace your old windows with energy-efficient new ones or looking to outfit your home-to-be with gorgeous custom-fit windows, Landmark Home Design is your one-stop-shop.

Custom Windows Built for the Modern Home

A unique home requires a distinct window setting. It requires windows that mirror the owner’s design preferences and lifestyle. We’re committed to crafting custom windows in a broad range of styles for our clientele. Our manufacturing experts have years of experience in meeting unique homeowner needs for both design elegance and product performance. This experience is highlighted within each window installed in our clients’ homes. Made-to-measure, our custom windows are designed and produced with the unique client foremost in mind throughout the manufacturing process. It’s how we consistently create leading-class window products that introduce new life to the home.

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