Custom Hinge/Crank Windows

Finding the right custom hinge window installation company can be tricky. How do you know if the window company will give you exactly what you’re looking for? Can they colour-match to ensure that your new hinge windows match the rest of your home? Will they get rid of any refuse that accrued during installation or leave you with a giant mess? Do they offer different types of hinge windows for different parts of your home? With Landmark Home Design, your search ends here. We will give you exactly what you’re looking for, we clean up after ourselves, and we have colour-match capabilities.

Why choose hinge windows?

Hinge windows operate via a mechanism that allows the windows to open a close using a crank or lever. The crank is placed at the bottom of the window or at hand height to create easy operability. Hinge windows are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and areas that require extra ventilation and contain a locking mechanism that ensures that the window itself doesn’t move when it’s windy out. Likewise, hinge windows can come in many forms, such as awning windows and casement windows. Our hinge windows are durable, easy to maintain, and can be made to match the existing colour scheme of your home.

What is the difference between a casement window and an awning window?

Hinge or crank windows can come in various designs and sizes. Awning windows are a type of hinge window that opens outward. They are generally found on the side of a building because when opened, awning windows create a canopy. Due to their design, awning windows can stay open during a rainshower because the rain is caught on the canopy before falling to the ground instead of getting inside the house. Awning windows help increase airflow and can be placed below or above other windows. Casement windows differ from awning windows because they are hinged at the side instead of the top. Other than where their hinges lie, casement windows offer the same benefits of awning windows by allowing natural light in and creating an efficient ventilation system.

Custom energy-efficient windows

As a homeowner, your goal is to pay as little as possible on your energy bill. With custom energy-efficient windows, you can reduce your energy bill without losing heat in the winter or letting heat in during the summer. You may not be aware that 67% of radiant heat is lost through the windows because most people assume that this loss is due to the opening and closing of the front door. However, with our energy-efficient crank windows, you can rest assured that heat loss or gain will not occur in your home. When our window installation team puts in your custom energy-efficient hinge windows, they create an airtight seal that assures that no heat escapes when it’s cold out and none gets in when it’s warm out.

Premium custom crank windows

Landmark Home Design’s premium custom crank windows create a natural ventilation system for your home. Their design allows them to open outward to let air flow in and out with ease. Depending on the temperature outside, the airflow created by our custom hinge windows may be enough to cool your home on a summer’s day. Our awning windows and casement windows offer the same natural ventilation effect effect, letting you relax and enjoy a nice breeze.

Window installation across Ontario

At Landmark Home Design, our installation services cover many cities and municipalities in Ontario to ensure that we don’t miss a customer. Whether you live in Belleville, Kingston, or Ottawa, we offer window installation services that can’t be beat. Our services extend to Windsor, Prince Edward County, and everywhere in between because we believe that whether you call Colborne or Hamilton home, you deserve the exact custom vinyl windows you want. Landmark Home Design’s window installation team offers minimal interruptions to your home and can usually perform the job within a day. No matter if you want our team to visit your Owen Sound home, your place in Lindsay, or your property in Niagara falls, you are guaranteed a job well done. In fact, we employ a AAMA trainer to make sure that each installation goes off without issues. Moreover, we take care of the cleanup and have a lifetime warranty for our products.

Hinge window replacement

If you’re looking out of your current windows and wishing for something better, we can help. We offer hinge window replacement services that remove your old windows, replacing them with new energy-efficient ones. Additionally, replacing your windows is the perfect way to upgrade your home and provide added curb appeal. Should you decide to sell your property after we perform your hinge window replacement, we will even transfer the warranty to the next homeowner.


Widely used around the globe, casement windows generally contain an operating sash, which is side-hinged and designed to move the window outwards.

One of the reasons they’re so popular in the current marketplace is that casement windows are very flexible, and can be used for a range of applications around the home. The majority of casement window models are operated via a crank system, and those not operated by a crank are often referred to as “push-out” windows on the marketplace. Homeowners often find that casement windows provide exceptional ventilation as they can be opened a full 90-degrees within their frame.


Function Opens outside with a crank
Most Common use most commonly used-can be used and combined with any style
Max Size 38 X 80-regular glazed ,28 X 66- triple glazed
Min Size 12X20- regular & triple glazed
Compatible Glass Packages Power Source, Cash Back, Power Max
Special Glass options Yes – 4 options 1. Rain 2. Acidetched 3. Stippolute 4. gluechip
Inside Colour- take out real wood interior/oak -heavy lead time on that
Outside Colours Custom and Standard
Capping Colours Standard- many options available
Features Included 1. Multipoint lock

2.collapsible handles

3.ROTO hardware

Compatible Frame Options Basic,foam Insulated, and Solid (Not available yet)
Premium Spring loaded Better view screen. Yes
Grill available Yes
Built In Ontario
Lead Time 4 to 8 week, depending on options selected
Other Options Hardware available in Black, Brush nickel, Oil rub bronze and Antic bronze. Standart white
Frame Material 100% Canadian Virgin Vinyl


Awnings windows are similar to casement windows. However, their sash is hinged to the top of the window frame. This style of construction means that awning windows can be left open in light rain without allowing moisture into the home environment.

The vast majority of the awning windows on the marketplace are wider than they are tall, allowing them to provide a home space with a greater level of ventilation as the entire sash opens. Awning windows are often placed above or below other windows to provide increased ventilation, and are one of the best options for letting natural light into the home.


Function Opens with a crank and opens up.
Most Common use bathroom/ basement
Max Size 48″ X 36″ Regular and triple glazed
Min Size 20″ X 16″ regular & triple glazed
Compatible Glass Packages Power Source, Cash Back, Power Max
Special Glass options 1. Rain2. Acidetched
3. Stippolute
4. gluechip
Inside Colour- take out N/A
Outside Colours Custom and Standard
Capping Colours standard – many options
Features Included 1.Multipoint locks

2.Collapsible handle

3.ROTO hardware

Compatible Frame Options Basic, Foam Insulated and Solid (Not available yet)
Premium Spring loaded Better view screen. yes
Grill available yes
Built In Ontario
Lead Time 4 to 8 week, depending on options selected
Other Options Hardware available in Black,Brush nickel,Oil rub bronze, Antic bronze,Standard- white
Frame Material 100% Canadian Virgin Vinyl

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